The Ohio State Tax Blog is a content forum published by Buckingham tax attorneys Steve Dimengo, Rich Fry, and Casey Davis. The blog highlights developments and planning opportunities with respect to Ohio and multistate taxes. We concentrate on all areas of Ohio state taxation including sales/use tax, income tax and commercial activity tax – everything from audits to appeals and commonly represent clients before the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals and Ohio Supreme Court. In addition, we have significant experience in Ohio and multistate tax planning helping our clients achieve tax minimization.

Each of us is willing to answer questions and talk with you one-on-one regarding state and local tax topics, including those addressed in the blog. You can learn more about us by clicking our biographies below, or by emailing us at [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].

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  • Steven A. Dimengo

    I am an Ohio tax attorney serving as the first call my clients make when faced with a tax challenge. The more complicated the challenge, the more I can help you and your company.

    Typically, my clients own or manage a business. I work directly with clients to save them substantial amounts of money and resolve even their most complicated tax and general business issues. My clients think of me as their trusted advisor that, while valuable, is so hard to find.

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  • Richard B. Fry III

    As a business tax attorney, I represent small to mid-size business owners and managers who seek my trusted advice on significant transactions and difficult challenges facing their businesses. I advise my clients on state and local tax issues, counsel clients on commercial and real estate transactions, and resolve state and local tax controversies on behalf of my clients.

    I have vast experience with Ohio and multistate tax issues, including Ohio sales/use tax, commercial activity tax, and personal income tax audits, appeals and planning. Because of my tax background, I often advise clients on the business and tax implications related to their corporate structure and significant transactions.

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