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October 17, 2018 : Ohio Society of CPAs Cleveland Accounting Show Steven A. Dimengo: “Why You Need a Magic Wand”

MTC Proposes Measures to Simplify State Income Tax Withholding for Mobile Employees

April 21, 2011

The Multistate Tax Commission’s (MTC) Executive Committee has approved a Model Mobile Workforce Statute which would limit an employer’s obligation to withhold state income taxes when it sends employees into a state for a limited time. Under current law, many businesses face the burden of withholding another state’s income tax from an employee’s compensation when… Read More

IRS Releases Settlement Guidelines on Treatment of Corporate SALT Incentives

March 29, 2011

By: Jon R. Stefanik II On March 2, 2011, the Internal Revenue Service released a heavily redacted Appeals Settlement Guidelines document (the “Guidelines”) addressing the federal tax treatment of a corporation’s receipt of state and local tax (“SALT”) incentives to induce it to expand, maintain or relocate its facilities.  The Guidelines are available here. Under… Read More

Multistate Exemption Certificate Used to Support the Resale Exemption

March 4, 2011

All businesses engaging in interstate commerce should be familiar with the Multistate Exemption Certificate, which can be used to support the resale exemption from sales and use tax in a substantial majority of states. Although each state has its rules with respect to whether a particular sale is exempt, the Multistate Tax Commission has created… Read More

Ohio Department of Taxation Announces “Use Tax Education Program”

January 28, 2011

  Click here for the Department’s announcement.  For more information regarding why it is critical to act now, please see our prior post regarding the Department’s Use Tax Initiative.  

District Court of Colorado Delivers Injunction To Online Retailers

The U.S. District Court of Colorado entered an injunction against the Colorado Department of Revenue yesterday in favor of the Direct Marketing Association which is a global trade organization that includes Amazon, Inc.  Essentially, the ruling bars the State of Colorado from enforcing a recent statute requiring out-of-state vendors to notify in-state customers of their… Read More


January 24, 2011

Any Ohio business not consistently filing an Ohio use tax return is exposed to an Ohio Department of Taxation (“Department”) investigation. If any of the following apply, and you do not regularly file an Ohio use tax return, immediate action is required: Purchases from non-Ohio vendors that do not collect Ohio sales tax; Taxable purchases… Read More